Metra Belongs To All Of Us

You have seen the term My Metra on this website and in communications with riders. My Metra is not a slogan, program, or marketing campaign. It is a true expression of how we want employees and the public to view our agency and the essential services we provide.

Internally, My Metra Guides Us in Our Mission of Service

By promoting this attitude among our employees, we seek to unite our team in a mutual bond of service, duty, and opportunity, while promoting best practices, quality service to the public, teamwork, and safety. This message is expressed as:

Taking Personal Responsibility For Our Riders And For Each Other

My Metra Is Part Of Our Community

When communicating with the public, we seek to remind them that Metra truly does belong to everyone. Wherever you find a Metra station, economic growth and opportunity spring up.  We bring families together and, every day, safely and reliably carry riders to work and home again. The way consumers think of my car and my home is how we want them to think of My Metra.